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Jeff Nations: Lead Vocals, Guitar

Brian Schaeffer: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Brad Wood: Guitar

Chuck Williams: Bass, Backing Vocals

What was the best part of the '90s? The music, of course! Primus' delightful weirdness, Chris Cornell's seemingly-endless vocal range, Alanis's vitriolic delivery, and Chili Peppers' not-so-subtle innuendos were just a few contributions to the soundtrack of a generation that loudly and proudly stated, "I won't do what ya tell me". St. Louis, Missouri's Proud Larry is out to amplify that soundtrack.

Proud Larry incorporates into their setlist a wide variety of music from past to present, focusing primarily on rock hits from the '90s and '00s that you don't hear every other cover band playing. Longtime friends and colleagues Brian Schaeffer, Jeff Nations, Brad Wood, and Chuck Williams pride themselves on an upbeat, nostalgic songlist that is guaranteed to put feet on the dance floor and hands in the air. Dust off your CDs, cassettes and vinyl, and get ready for your new favorite cover band: Proud Larry.

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